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Deciding Who to Sell Wholesale Car Batteries To

Wholesale Car Batteries

When you are looking to shift some wholesale car batteries, it is important that you work out exactly who you want to sell those batteries too. That is why we have worked hard on this guide. We want to give you a nudge in the right direction and show you the pros and cons of selling to each individual group.

Wholesale Car Batteries: The End User

There are some people out there who will aim to sell their products to the end consumer i.e. those who are looking to use the batteries in their vehicles. This is a great route to go down if you want to make as much profit as possible per unit. This is because people are not looking for discount prices. Well, they are, but you are not going to have to drastically discount the battery in line with every other company out there, which is great!

There is a major downside to selling the end user, however. Do you own a car? Yes? How many car batteries do you get through? Probably not a lot, right? That is the issue. These people are buying a car battery once and probably not coming back and buying another one. So, you will constantly be needing to look for new customers, which can be quite a hassle for some people!

Business to Business Sales

This is where the real money can be made in the world of batteries. If you can get a few businesses purchasing product from you, then you are going to be ‘golden’. They are going to keep coming back for more, which is exactly what you want!

However, it is worth noting that when you sell directly to businesses, they are going to be demanding lower prices. This is because it is likely that they are going to be selling the product on. This means that they want to make the maximum amount of cash from it. However, we do not see this as much of a downside. After all, if you are selling directly to a business, they will continually be purchasing from you. This means that the fact you are going to give them a major discount does not matter all that much!

What route should you go down?

Unless you have a retail outlet already, we fear that it may be a touch too difficult for you to sell directly to an end user. This is because they are going to be tough to find. When you sell to businesses, you just need to get in touch with businesses who may be willing to make a purchase.

If you want to get started in selling wholesale car batteries, then you are going to need to have some at your disposal! We suggest that you head on over to our website at Battery Alliance. Here you will be able to register for an account. This will allow you to start purchasing these products at some of the most competitive prices in the wholesale industry.

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