There Are A Variety Of Manufactures Who Offer Wholesale Deep Cycle Batteries

Wholesale Deep Cycle Batteries

Wholesale Deep Cycle Batteries

There are many manufacturers that offer wholesale deep cycle batteries. These types of batteries are built with thicker plates. The true difference between this type of battery and others is that they contain solid lead plates, which allows for a large surface area. It also provides the power that is needed in a start engine battery.

The chemistry make-up of a deep cycle battery helps deter corrosion from forming when frequently using the battery at full capacity. They are made to go through regular deep discharge while utilizing its full capacity. It can be discharged as much as 80 percent time after time.

Cycle Time

These batteries can be cycled down as low as 20 percent, but for the best lifespan versus cost, they average cycle should be kept at 50 percent discharge. These are aspects that you want to reiterate to your customers, as this will help them keep their batteries preforming time and time again.

These batteries range between 40 percent to 75 percent discharge, depending on the manufacture and construction. They are designed to regularly discharge with using most of its capacity. Start batteries, on the other hand, are designed to deliver short and high current bursts in order to crank the engine. They are made to discharge only a small portion of their capacity. Deep cycle batteries can be used as start batteries, as the lower cranking current means that a larger battery will be needed.

Quality Products

As a wholesaler, your goal should be to provide products that meet your customers needs and expectations. This will result in happy clients who will return to you when they need more batteries. There are a variety of batteries that are deep cycle. These types of batteries can be used in a number of applications, such as RVs, golf carts, motorcycles, ATVs and so much more.

There is a link between the depth of discharge and the number of cycles it can perform. You will find that high quality batteries will deliver better performance. This will be an important aspect when offering batteries in a wholesale setting. As consumers want their investments to last as long as possible.

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